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The PPESCO Process

Design Engineering

Design and engineering leads to installations, which are then commissioned (meaning tested and put into active service).
  • Design and engineering

    The design and engineering phase translates the audit into a roadmap for building improvements. The PPESCO (either with in-house staff or through a subcontractor) will prepare construction-ready documents for bidders and / or installers. Documents include specifications and / or performance standards. The PPESCO will work closely with the client to ensure full awareness of the impacts to facility use / layout that might result from installing the building improvement measures.

  • Installation

    The General Contractor sources and contracts with the structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting, water, controls, renewables, and other subcontractors who will work on the building project. The GC (which can be the PPESCO itself) oversees the physical work of installing new systems and services. The PPESCO manages the project’s installation of the building improvement measures. The PPESCO must require that installations meet the construction specifications and / or performance standards.

  • Commissioning

    Commissioning verifies that all installations meet specifications and operate according to the design schedules. A commissioning report will detail the process that was used, any operational problems, and steps to be taken to remedy anything that does not meet specification or performance standard.