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For Organizations and Social Entrepreneurs

Starting a PPESCO

Nonprofit or for-profit companies with extensive experience in energy efficiency and with an emphasis on serving public-purpose communities are best positioned to start a PPESCO.

What kind of organization can start a PPESCO?

  • Entities organized for—or transitioning to—fee-for-service models are particularly well suited to PPESCO work. Organizations that rely fundamentally on government or foundation grants for operating support are not well suited for this work.
  • Organizations that are mission-driven, where revenue is primarily used to advance the organization’s mission rather than to create profits for owners or stockholders, are ideal.

Organizations with those attributes are in a good position to obtain low-interest capital to fund start-up and growth. Such capital can come from foundation program-related investments (PRI), or from other types of patient capital sources in the social-enterprise investment arena.

Such organizations can build and operate a self-sustaining enterprise and achieves a net positive return on investment.